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I know you are wandering here for WhatsApp Plus APK. Have you heard about WhatsApp? One of those applications, who brought big revolution in technology world. WhatsApp Plus isn’t similar to the original, in fact It’s far better. If you really want to download WhatsApp Plus then you’ve to know about the functionalities of this amazing application.

Let’s give you a short overview of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus is the modified version of WhatsApp. You can run on your android phone. Have you ever thought about endless features of WhatsApp? Oh Buddy! It can be possible because you’re on right place. Through WhatsApp Plus application you can spy on anyone. You can use your WhatsApp without showing your online status. Are you shocked? Come on, this is just a single functionality which I’ve told you.

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There are some additional Features of WhatsApp Plus;

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

I know everyone is frustrated from original WhatsApp that is the reason I’m going to tell you some interesting aspects of WhatsApp Plus for the android:

Remain Offline by Hiding Online Status:

You can hide your online status. It doesn’t matter whether you are online or offline, you can hide your online status from your WhatsApp contacts. Actually, It’s an amazing feature because due to some privacy issues everyone wants to hide their online status even while using it.

Are you excited to listen more about WhatsApp Plus? If yes then go on!

Disable Blue Ticks:

If you are big user then you already know about double blue ticks. Let me tell you again! If you’ve sent message to anyone, you’ll see blue ticks only when the receiver has seen your message. You can spy on anyone, if you don’t want to reply anyone even after reading their messages then you don’t have to worry about that, because you can hide blue ticks now, but only in WhatsApp Plus.

Disable Second Ticks:

As you already know, if your friend’s data connection is on, you’ve sent him a message then in that case you see transparent double ticks. You can even hide those double ticks, Through this feature your friend will think that you are out of reach.

Disable Writing/Typing Preview:

If you are typing a message to your friend, he can preview that you’re going to send him a message. You can even hide that typing preview. You can suddenly send him a message without any preview or writing tick.

Additional Privacy Features:

There are some additional features which assist you in privacy. You can hide blue microphone recording status. You can hide view status, Even if you are seeing someone’s status but still they couldn’t see that you’re viewing their status.

Bored? Don’t Worry! Now I’m going to tell you one of the best features of WhatsApp Plus:

Share Large Files:

In original WhatsApp you can’t send heavy files and your files and images quality will be compressed but in WhatsApp Plus, you can send up to 50 MB file and your quality will not be compressed.

Apperance & Themes:

In WhatsApp Plus APK 7.00, you can change your chat and messenger theme. I know using same thing again makes you tired but now you can change your application look according to your desire.

Schedule Message:

WhatsApp Plus APK comprises of message scheduler. Through which you can send message to anyone even if you’re not online. It can assist you in cron jobs. Confused?

For Example! You can’t remain online and you want to wish someone then you can setup a schedule message which will be sent to the user on your desired date & time.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK on Your Android Phone

  • Download WhatsApp Plus APK file on your android phone.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and allow unknown sources (you’ve to enable it if you’re willing to install android application from the third-party website).
  • Tap on WhatsApp Plus and install on your android phone or tablet.
  • After Installation It will ask you to restore backup (if you had original WhatsApp data backup on your phone).
  • After setting up WhatsApp account! Enjoy with functionalities of WhatsApp Plus.


No doubt WhatsApp Plus is an amazing application with endless features. There is one thing which I’ve observed, If you’ve hidden your online status and suddenly you are trying to online on your desktop/laptop then it will show your online status. It means you can only hide your online status, if you are on your android phone.

You can spy on anyone I know that but it doesn’t mean that you can use it for bad purpose only.

WhatsApp Plus takes care of your privacy so don’t worry about any third-party involvement. It is original WhatsApp but it is modified just to assist you with your dream features.

You can change its appearance, modify your chat popup as you want and customise status bar and much more.

You can see all the activities of your contact on one place just tap on add button.

It is obvious that you like someone’s status, it is awkward to ask him to send you but now you don’t need to ask him. Just tap on status as list and download status of any contact. No matter whether if it is image or video.

DND mode can also be enabled. Do you know about DND mode? In DND mode you’ll not be able to send or receive any message. You’ll be able to view status and just to spy anyone.

You can add privacy to your application. There is an option to setup passcode on your WhatsApp plus. Even if someone is using your phone, he/she will not be able to turn on your WhatsApp.


Spanish developer Refale has developed this application in 2012. Your messages and activities of WhatsApp Plus are secure because it is only connected with original WhatsApp server, there isn’t any involvement of third party. We don’t own this application, but you can download this application from this website for free.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

File Name: WhatsApp Plus.APK

Version: V 8.25

Size: 51MB

File Type: APK

Compatibility: Any Android Device

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