Reason Why You Should USE YoWhatsapp?

Are you looking for YoWhatsApp? There is a lot of discussion on this topic. People want to know why we should use YoWhatsApp. So, don’t worry! there is a solution to your query.


I am just going to discuss some reasons that will attract you to use YoWhatsApp and you will forget the original WhatsApp.

Are you with me? Let me start the discussion.


Why YoWhatsApp is Better Than the Original WhatsApp?

Every user of WhatsApp wants to know this. Are you one of them?

There are many reasons, features, and characteristics that will attract you. Take it in mind that this is a modified WhatsApp designed and launched by the Yousef.

Obviously, you are looking for some extra features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. So, let me start with one by one:

  • First of all, you know that there is no option of hiding status in the original WhatsApp. But, you want to hide status due to privacy issues. Don’t worry! just use YoWhatsApp Apk because there is an option of hiding online status. No one will be able to see you online.
  • There is no option of hiding double ticks in the original WhatsApp. But, if you want to hide double ticks also, don’t worry! YoWhatsApp is here for you. No one will be able to see that either the message was delivered to you or not.
  • Another great option is setting the image quality at the time of sharing it. Yes! This option is not available in the original WhatsApp. But, this facility on YoWhatsApp can save your time as well as data. If the size selected by you is lesser than the original, then you can save your data and time when you are sharing it.
  • In the original WhatsApp, you have to save the contact number before sending a message. But, the YoWhatsApp is different. There is no need for saving contact number before sending the message.
  • Do you want to lock your WhatsApp app? You have to download third party app locker but if you have YoWhatsApp, you don’t need to download third party app locker because there is a built-in app locker available.


Are you excited?

You will be more excited after using it. Keep my words!


These reasons can beat the original WhatsApp and I hope you will get it properly. There are many other reasons that can be more attractive for you like extra theme facility etc. But, to utilize every feature, you have to download it.



Before downloading the YoWhatsApp, don’t forget to uninstall the original WhatsApp. So, I hope you will like these reasons and will appreciate me. If you have any query, you can comment below, I will try to address your query.

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